Annie B. Nelson Choir               10:00am        1st & 3rd Saturdays

Audrey C. Buckner Choir            5:00pm      1st & 3rd Wednesdays

Bible Study                                7:00pm                         Tuesday
                                                 12noon                     Wednesday

BOCE                                       7:00pm                4th Wednesday

Children’s Church                                              1, 2, 3 Sundays

Christian Youth Fellowship       After Worship             4th Sunday

Condolence Committee               6:30pm                    2nd Monday

Dance Ministry                          1:30pm         2nd & 4th Saturdays

Edith P. Green Choir                 11:30am                  4th Saturday

Fellowship Ministry                    12noon                   3rd Saturday

Generation of Praise Choir        11:30am                 2nd Saturday

Kitchen Mechanics                                                                   

Lay Ministry                              7:00pm                    3rd Monday

Line Dancing                            7:00pm                          Fridays

Membership & Evangelism                              To Be Announced

Ministry to Men                         10:00am                  3rd Saturday

Missionary Society                 After Worship                 4thSunday

Outreach Committee                  10:30am                  1st Saturday

Scholarship Committee               7:00pm                     1st Monday

Senior Usher Board                   7:00 pm                      1st Friday


Sound Media                                                                Sundays

Sounds of Joy                           10:00 am                 4th Saturday

Steward Board                           7:00pm                    2nd Monday

Stewardess Board                       10:00am                  1st Saturday

Transportation                                                    1st– 4th Sundays

Trustee Board                            6:30pm                3rd Wednesday

Virgil l. Wilkins Choir               10:00am                  2ndSaturday

Wardell Bonner Male Chorus      6:30pm                     Wednesday
                                                                     Before 2nd Sunday

Women of Zion Ministry            12:30pm                  1st Saturday

Young Adult Ministry   12:30pm            2ndSaturday

“Investing in the Kingdom of God, One Disciple at a Time."